CLI Plumbing LLC has the experience needed to get your commercial project off to the right start. We believe in working effectively to minimize your down time.  CLI Plumbing uses top quality materials, proper installation methods and fixtures to make sure your project is done to the highest standard and on time.  We want our customers to be able to rely on us thru each phase of the project.

The planning phase is very important to a successful project, and we are always available to answer any technical plumbing questions during this planning stage.

When choosing material for your project, we offer the best available products.  All materials used are UPC approved for use on the plumbing system that your project requires.  Depending on the local code requirements, we can substitute certain materials to lower the cost while maintaining the quality of the project.

Underground Plumbing (Slab)
Underground plumbing involves the installation of water, gas, and sewer piping in their proper locations.  This critical phase must be done right to ensure safety and to prevent costly delays.  We spend the time required to ensure your plumbing is in the right location and that materials are installed per the manufacture specs to meet local plumbing code requirements.

Rough In Plumbing
The rough in plumbing stage involves the installation of the different plumbing systems (water, gas, waste & vent) into the floors, walls, and ceiling.  This is typically the longest phase of your project, and we maintain our goal in delivering a project done to the highest standards and completed in a timely manner.

Trim Out Plumbing
This is the final stage in a project. This stage is were all the hard work and planning counts the most.  We install all plumbing fixtures with care and excellent workmanship.  At the completion of your project, we want you our customer to be able to say that they had a quality experience with CLI Plumbing, LLC